Event of Sabbatical​

Hello, Spooky Tours team!

Since Leela is dancing in Montreal come September, and Kia will be attending Universty at Wilfrid Laurier Universty come September spooky tours is cancelled for the 2018 fall.

If anyone would like to help keep Spooky Tours going this year please contact us at Spookytours4cancer@gmail.com!


We hope that in 2019 Spooky Tours will be able to run again! 



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New Year

We are beginning to start on this year’s spooky tours!

We are excited to start our jailhouse themed props!


Email us if you’d like to assist in making props for this years Spooky Tours!



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June 15, 2018 · 6:22 pm

Rock Way Gardens

Thinking up new Spooky Tours ideas while walking at Rockway Gardens


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Our 15th annual court Fireworks was a blast. Special thank you to our pyrotech crew (Zach, Kia and Kirk) Excellent show!


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Victoria Day Weekend

Everyone has there traditions, Come out and join ours!

Come out to 262 Casswell Crt on Saturday at 8pm to see some Victoria Day Fireworks!


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May 16, 2018 · 12:17 pm


2018 Spooky Tours Theme: 

Jail House


If anyone would like to volunteer for the 2018 year: email us @spookytours4caner@gmail.com or call us @ 226-317-3043

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2018 Dates and Times

Dates and times:

October 19th  from 5pm-10pm

October 20st from 5pm-10pm

October 21nd from 10am-1pm


2018 Printable Calendar For Moms - Imom for Cute Printable Calendar October 2018

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Looking for some summer fun?

Look no Further!

Spooky Tours will be starting to make new props for the 2018 Spooky Tours! This year our new theme will be a haunted Jail!

If you would like like to volunteer: Email us @Spookytours4cancer@gmail.com or call/text us @226-317-3043

We offer volunteer hours to any students who request them!

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Leela’s Ballet Dream Showcase

One of our amaze performers wrote a wonderful article on Leela’s 3rd Annual Ballet dream showcase Fundraiser.

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Easter Weekend

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend!


Easter Monday we had a wonderful walk!


What did you do?

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April 3, 2018 · 3:00 pm